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Elected to serve as an officer of the community, entrusted with the receipt, care and disbursement of funds... and in a small town... growing our community depends on smart oversight.

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The duties of the Clerk-Treasurer's office include: administering payroll for the Town, managing all financial accounts for the Town, administering billing and accounting for Town utilities, investing on behalf of the Town, processing the Town expenditures, assigning addresses to new developments within the Town, preparing the budget estimates of revenue and financial statements for the Council, managing Town records, serving as the clerk of the Town Council with duties such as recording proceedings and maintaining records.


Our team is here to serve your needs.  When you come to Town Hall you will immediately be greeted by Kim.  Don't hesitate to drop in with any questions you might have... we will be happy to assist.

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Clerk Treasurer

Phone: 765-884-0570

Email: clerk@townoffowler.com

Takes Utility Payments, Processes Monthly Billing for Utility Bills, Credit Card Payments, Demolition Permits, Building Permits, Liens, Payroll.  Over sees trash pickup, Shelter rentals, and backs up the Clerk treasurer.


Clerks Office - 1st Deputy

Phone: 765-884-0570

Email: billingclerk@townoffowler.com

Takes Utility Payments, Demolition Permits, Building Permits, Accounts Payable, Handles all Retirement and Insurance for the Town Employee’s, Shelter Rentals and backs up the First Deputy.