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Elected to serve as an officer of the community, entrusted with the receipt, care and disbursement of funds... and in a small town... growing our community depends on smart oversight.

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The Clerk-Treasurer is elected for a four-year term of office.  The Clerk-Treasurer manages the municipality's official public records and is the Chief Financial Officer. Specific duties are defined by the Indiana Code and Municipal Code of Ordinances.  No other elected municipal duties are as specifically defined by law as the duties of the Clerk-Treasurer.

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Clerk Treasurer

Phone: 765-884-0570


Administers all town funds, establishes and maintains all personnel files for Town employees, manages payroll and insurance for all employees, produces reports as required by the County and State, attends various training sessions, attends the Council meetings and documents the minutes. Prepares the annual budget and enters all required data into Gateway. Receives bills and applies the correct appropriation for all departments. Oversees the work of the 1st and 2nd deputy clerk for internal controls.

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Clerks Office - 1st Deputy

Phone: 765-884-0570


Prepares meter reads, reports and work orders. Manages direct debit to send to bank for verification. Handles penalties for past due accounts. Prepares monthly utility billing and reports. Oversees the work of Clerk and 2nd Deputy Clerk for internal controls. Handles all additional responsibilities given by Clerk Treasurer.



Clerks Office - 2nd Deputy



Answers phones and deals directly with all walk-in customers. Accepts utility payments for deposit. Manages building permits, and all shelter rentals. Enters account payables and scans all into the computer. Manages all credit card payments. Oversees the work of the Clerk and 1st deputy for internal controls. Handles all additional responsibilities given by Clerk Treasurer.

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