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The Fowler Pool is open every day of the week from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. weather permitting.

The cost for passes are as follows:

2017 Season

Family season pass  for 2017 due to the delay in opening the pool will be - $100.00 (includes 4 people, each additional person is $25.00)

Single season pass - $75.00

10 punch card - $20.00

20 punch card - $40.00

Day pass - $3.00

Phone: 765-884-0586

The Fowler Town Park is governed by the Fowler Parks and Recreation Board which was established in 2009.  The board is composed of 4 members that are selected by the Fowler Town Council.  The selection is based on their interest and knowledge of parks and recreation.  At the first regular meeting of each year, the Board shall elect a president and a vice president. 

The vice president shall have authority to act as the president of the Board during the absence or disability of the president.  The park board shall have the general power to perform all actions necessary to develop facilities and to conduct such programs as are generally understood to be park and recreation functions.  The Board is also responsible for submitting an annual budget in the same manner as other departments of the town government for approval by the Town Council.     

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