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Five of your fellow citizens, serving the town as 'elected' officials.

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The five town council members are the legislative body and fiscal policy makers for the town. They make policy decisions in accord with procedures and responsibilities set out in Indiana State Law. Council members have 4 year terms and appoint several boards and commissions as well as various advisory committees and task forces which are created from time to time.

Please feel free to contact any council member with any questions or concerns you might have in town.

Join us for Town Council meetings on the 1st Monday of each month  at 6:00pm at Town Hall.

Linda Brouillette - Coucil President (1)

Linda Brouillette


Steve Sorenson - Council VP (2).JPG

In Memory Of
Steve Sorenson

Town Council VP

Pat Claire - Councilman (1).JPG

Pat Claire

Town Council VP

Jason Fisher - Councilman (2).JPG

Jason Fisher

Town Council

Mike Sanders - Councilman (3).JPG

Mike Sanders

Town Council


Lisa Sarault

Town Council

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